Copyright ownership and cloud based services #EduScotICT

The following information was shared on Twitter some days ago and I wanted to make some related comments.!/jmacdonald/status/195184740209401856/photo/1

You need to follow the link and read the linked information in order to understand its significance.  Note what happens to you ownership rights when you share your content on either of the three cloud based storage solutions which are Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive.   Certainly not a consistent approach!

I will not be storing any of my data on Google Drive.

Made me think if this is something that been taken into account in the Glow Futures spec.  Seems to me that retention  of ownseship rights  for content should be a concern whether a service holding the data ( like Glow ) is a “paid for” or “free”.  The services listed above may not feature in a future Glow Futures service but I do feel that the principle of data ownership is important and rights need to be assured as the new service is being procured.

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