St Petersburg some general comments

Beautiful city although this is – I have a few comments to make about my first impressions upon arriving here!!!

The journey here consisted of two flights – ABZ to CDG and CDG to LED – I think that ABZ and CDG are pretty easy to guess – but LED is less straight forward!!! Have you worked out how St Peterburg comes to be LED and ABZ is Aberdeen and CDG is Charles De Gaul 😉 read on!!!!

Well it happened to me – for the first time in the last six months travel!!!!! My bag did not arrive here with me!!! It remained in CDG!!!!!! This meant I had to fill in the customs form – twice for customs and then one more time for good measure for the lost property office. Now that can be just a little frustrating at the end of a long journey. But it has to be done in order to get you bag back – so you do it without question and bearing pleasant smile!!!!

So on to the hotel with only hand baggage in tow!

The car was very nice – a C Class Mercedes – very nice and comfortable for sure! As we drive back we pass lots of really nice buildings – first impression of very favourable for sure!

The we arrive at the hotel to check in ! The staff are VERY pleasant and do not seem to surprised in the least when I explain that I have no luggage, other then my back pack that is! Dental and shaving kits are provided as if this is just routine practice for recently arrived international travellers!!!

There is a TV in the room – flat screen of modest size – very good. All the channels seem to be in Russian – not so good!!!! I did eventually find the BBC World news channel which made me feel slight closer to home 😉

I was very interested to hear the hot news about South Africa’s recent expressions about about Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe’s rule over it! An interesting development – I expect that we have not head the last of that just yet!

Yes I did find Friends on one channel – light relief I thought – then realised that it was overdubbed in Russian too! Some how it did not seem natural for those words to come out of the friends mouths!!! I wonder it the Friends humour really work here in amidst the Russian culture!

Mosquitoes – in St Petersburg!!!! now that was a surprise to me !!!! The windows have secondary glazing in place with labels which warning that leaving the windows open in the evening might result in a invasion of the dreaded Mosquito!! or perhaps a few of them!!! The hotel has thoughtfully provided and electric mosquito exterminator which can be used if needed! So I guess it must be a real problem! I have not seen one so far!

Well enough of this ramble – its time for bed now 10.30pm and still daylight outside – that is unusual too at this time of night – then we are much further north than Scotland and home 😉

LED – did you forget or just know? St Petersburg used to be called Leningrad see Wikipedia for more info ! I expect that is the reason for this apparent inconsistency!

Mystery Tour June 2008

Today was the day when we went on, what has now become an annual tradition!, a mystery tour. This time we headed south ( last year we went to the north of Aberdeenshire). We had a great day and I have published some photos including the one below. The one below shows three flowers standing in front of Falkland Palace, which was our final destination. A really enjoyable and relaxing day was had by all, complemented by good food, good scenery and most of all the good company of our friends who you will see in the pictures.

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My good friend Alan allowed me to publish the following two photos which between them show all people who participated in out day out – a motely grew indeed! The photos were taken one by Alan and the other by Lynda his wife – is should be possible to workout who they are by comparing the two photos. A very happy bunch indeed 😉

A walk in Kemnay with Friends

Its the last day of March and we went for a walk with our good friends. This is a first time we have all been together since our weekend mystery trip to the cottage in GlenIsla. I wrote about this back in February. That was a great weekend but did have a ‘not so good’ ending when one of our party ended up in hospital. Glad to report that he is now fully recovered and able for todays excursion.

We start from the Manse in Kemnay and walk along Leshangie then back over the hill with some lovely views of the village and church under the magnificent back drop of Bennachie. Here is one photo taken on the day which is my favourite but you can see all of them by clicking on the link below.

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