Last night of our camping holiday

This is the last full day of our Summer 2010 camping holiday. We will travel home tomorrow. It has been a great and memorable holiday for sure. We have heard much about the great fish and chips which can be bought in Anstruther and this evening was our chance to sample some. The pictures below were taken in the “Bake House Tea Room Up Lane”.

We went there for “High Tea” consisting of main course, tea ( or coffee ), main course followed by a selection of cakes. You even get a doggy box of any left over cakes!!!!

The following picture shows our table just having been served with the main course and I can say that it really did taste as good as it looked. I had smoked haddock cooked in batter which was a first for me – it was excellent – Yum!

Below you can see the party members tucking in amidst continuing conversation.

And the a very satisfied and feeling full with plates scraped clean.

After the meal was over the rest of the party headed back to St Andrews for the final evening session the Clan Christian Conference whilst Mary and I headed back to Crail to have an evening walk around Crail Harbour. It was a really beautiful evening and we enjoyed our time strolling around he small harbour which has only one basin. I suspect it is tidal but the tide was in when we were there. I took a heap of photos but chose the following one to share here.

Anstruther for the day

Today we are on our own and decided to have a run to Anstruther which is jusy a few mile along the coast from Crail. This was a very pleasant trip 😉

We started by having a walk around the harbour – the tide was out and the harbour bottom was clearly visible so there were no boats moving around as you can see in the next photo.

Also berthed in the harbour is the Reaper which is a Fifie sailing boat – the type that was used for the herring fishing from 1850 until well into the 1900’s. Below you can see the hull due to the low water level – she was beached in the mud/sand bottom to the harbour.

Then we spent some time walking around the Scottish Fisheries Museum which was really worthwhile and something not to miss if visiting Anstruther.

When we came out of the Museum the sun was shining and we were able to enjoy the harbour views again. Below you can see the Reaper again but this time she is now floating on the incoming tide.

Just before we left Anstruther I took the following photograph looking over the harbour wall towards the northern coastline – the view has been unchanged for 10’s of years! Like stepping back in time. See the view below!

A great day indeed and lastly we see the harbour complete with water this time…..

Relaxing day at the campsite

Today we had a very relaxing day at the camp-site here in Crail. We started with a very lazy start – well I did – Mary looked at the clock and thought it said 9am so got up and went for a shower etc…. The showers were very quiet – which is surprising for 9am!!! Actually it was 7am ;-)!!!! Mistake due to a shadow on the clock face in the Caravan. Well eventually I went for a shower at about the real 9am 😉

After a very slow start we had a message from our friends who were free and could come over for the afternoon 😉 So we had a great afternoon relaxing and chatting after launch in the caravan. The afternoon turned out really warm and sunny so we just chilled and had short walk along the shore – most enjoyable – it was great to spend time together and catch up on stuff 😉 Great photo of our friends below……

So this evening we will have a bite to eat and then perhaps have an evening stroll along the camp-site here – this is the life so very relaxing.

Now at campsite at Crail

We moved from Melrose to Crail today – just a short 1.5 hour journey but we are now located on the Scottish East coast with a great view of the North Sea and across the Firth of Forth towards Dunbar in the distance. The following photo shows the evening view of the north sea with the moon rising

We will spend a few days here and hope to see some of the Fife sights.