Beautiful morning in Kemnay

Just back from walking the dog – beautiful morning in Kemnay, warm and sunny with blue skies 😉 How many more mornings like this will we see before the Autumn kicks in proper.

Kind of special day today has the following time in it 09:09 09/09/09. So I am trying to make this post a close to this time as possible 😉

The following photo shows the orange/red colours of the first one to start to taking on its autumn colours.

Big Surprise – Friday Morning

It rained again this morning from early!!! Very heavy again!!!! But good news is that all our preventative work has paid dividends and we have not had any water leaking above ground level!!! However today had another surprise in store! Hollie came to visit! Hollie is Abbies sister and belongs to my Daughter and Son in Law. See below and you see Richard with the two dogs!
They arrived at about 9am having driven down from Kemnay starting at about 4am!!!! It’s great to have them here for a few days so we are looking forward to enjoying their company. hopefully the weather will continue to improve for us and that we will have more days like yesterday!!!!

Week at home – First Autumn 2008

This week has been a week with no travel. Time to consolidate work tasks at home. Still working of course but I have had a routine which has included a morning walk with Hollie – the dog! I generally walk along the River Don and then back through the village – this usually at about 8am. This week in Kemnay saw the first signs of Autumn. See the photo below – this would one of the first trees in Kemnay to change colour and then to drop its leaves.
I really do like this time of year when the trees change colour and look quite stunning. Of course this also means that winter is just around the corner and we will be back to wind, rain and show…
I should not forget my morning walking companion – Hollie see below 😉 In this photo she is looking rather pensive – this was one of the few moment when she chose to stand still! A walk with Hollie is as close to perpetual motion as I have been 😉

Elephant on the street at Peterhead

Well I never though that I would see this – but when walking up the street in the Peterhead shopping centre I saw an Elephant walking around!!!! Here is the proof!

Now I expect that you would think that this is not a real elephant! You would be right of course – is my brother in law – Iain getting up to some antics as part of a promotional activity. We did not find out what was being promoted tho ;-). Also in the photo are Fiona (my daughter) and Hollie (her dog).

I was also able to record a short video of his antics which can be viewed on YouTube – see below 😉

Meet Hollie

Tonight I am back home in Kemnay. After dinner, Hollie came to visit. Hollie is sister to Abbi – Linda’s dog and Hollie belongs to Richard and Fiona – my other daughter and son in law. In any case here is a photo of the mut. You might think that the dog is rather shy from the photo below – but she it not – very friendly like her sister.