Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie

Back in December, I wrote about this acknowledgement of my good friend – see the following link for details

Today this was made official when he was dubbed (I think this is the correct term) at Hollyrood Palace in Edinburgh. I am out of the country as I write this so Googled him to see if there was any news of the occassion and I came across the following link which gives a great insight into Sir Lewis’s achievements both academic and vocational. A remarkable career by any standards – click on the following to read more

Back in December 2010 he had a modest mention here

and a more detailed mention here in the Buchan Observer – his local rag!

Congratulation on a quite remarkable achievement.

Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie

Just having heard the news that my good friend Lewis Ritchie has been achnowledged in the New Years honours list and awarded a knighthood for services to the NHS in Scotland, I wanted to make this short post to congratulate him on this achievement. I know this is the culmination of the considerable good work he has done through out his medical career although his contribution to the NHS has been formally noted.

The two of us go back a very long way and I am delighted that he has been acknowledged in this way. He has made a very considerable contribution to his profession and in particular to the NHS in Scotland but despite all this has has kept his feet firmly on the ground and continues to live in Fraserburgh ( the Broch ) where he was born and bred.

You can read more about this here and learn more about the man and his qualifications by clicking here

Once again congratulations to you Lewis and your nearest and dearest who will I am sure share in this proud moment.