Consequences of a missing Key!!!

I read with intrigue the story about a key from the Titanic which is being put up for auction along with a postcard soon!

Apparently had this key not been misplaced from the Titanic is possible that it would not have floundered as it did. The key was for the binocular cupboard in the Titanic crows nest and it is said that if the look outs had been equipped with binoculars they might have been able to see the fatal iceberg sooner and give sufficient warning so that the ship could avoid it.

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So why did this catch my notice. Well I think there is a moral to this story. If we are about to embark on a large project – or launch something big we need to make sure that we have any key items along for the trip! It is possible that we might proceed with the mission and fail in some way because a critical item had been overlooked. It is remarkable that the captain of the Titanic was willing to set sail and then navigate through an area that was known to have icebergs around with his lookouts not fully equipped for the job. And look at the consequence of this situation.