BroadBand Speeds in Kemnay

Since my broadband service was upgraded from ADSL to ADSL 2 I am benefiting with much improved performance.  The following graph shows a summary of my recent speed tests and clearly show the improvement from before to after.

It is clear to see a period of unstability – BT say that they take a few days to tune the service to get the best possible performance.  The is one glitch  which happened two days ago where perormance when to about 1 Mbps on the down link…….  That was dissappointing – but a BT HomeHUB reboot seemed to fix the issues.  I am reasonably pleased so far.  Although not clear from the graph the upload speed seems to have setteled in at around .95Mbps which is the main benefit for the sort of applications I need to support from my home office.

I tested the new link by conducting a High Definition TP call from my desktop to a colleagues in Washing DC when the audio and video quality was quite stunning for sure and definitely a vast improvment on what was possible prior to the upgrade.

Summary Results from Speedtest before and after ADSL 2 upgrade