Week at home – First Autumn 2008

This week has been a week with no travel. Time to consolidate work tasks at home. Still working of course but I have had a routine which has included a morning walk with Hollie – the dog! I generally walk along the River Don and then back through the village – this usually at about 8am. This week in Kemnay saw the first signs of Autumn. See the photo below – this would one of the first trees in Kemnay to change colour and then to drop its leaves.
I really do like this time of year when the trees change colour and look quite stunning. Of course this also means that winter is just around the corner and we will be back to wind, rain and show…
I should not forget my morning walking companion – Hollie see below 😉 In this photo she is looking rather pensive – this was one of the few moment when she chose to stand still! A walk with Hollie is as close to perpetual motion as I have been 😉

A walk in Kemnay with Friends

Its the last day of March and we went for a walk with our good friends. This is a first time we have all been together since our weekend mystery trip to the cottage in GlenIsla. I wrote about this back in February. That was a great weekend but did have a ‘not so good’ ending when one of our party ended up in hospital. Glad to report that he is now fully recovered and able for todays excursion.

We start from the Manse in Kemnay and walk along Leshangie then back over the hill with some lovely views of the village and church under the magnificent back drop of Bennachie. Here is one photo taken on the day which is my favourite but you can see all of them by clicking on the link below.

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