Interesting road sign!!!

Just back from a trip to Inverness – wonderful day and the weather was great! During a walk by the Caledonian Canal we came across this important sign which has been put there to instruct people which way to turn. as you can see from the multi language instruction ( 6 languages ) we need to turn left.. At first glance the we were uncertain what language was used in the bit at the top on blue?

Walk by River Don – and a first!!

Well, I walk by the River Don regularly especially when we have one of the dogs staying over!
Here are some photos from yesterdays evenings walk – it was a really beautiful evening and we saw something for the first time 😉

First photo looking along the river towards the bridge – the Heron was in this area too!

then a little further along some wild flowers – beautiful colours 😉

Then a view of Bennachie and Mither Tap on the homeward stretch

But this was the “first”! See below – the path is strewn with what looks like fluff. Overhead, there is a very big Scented Poplar tree and this is how it spreads its seeds. Usually, there is wind and the fluff is carried on the wind – a bit like what happens with Dandelion seeds.

Mary “Googled” this and came up with the following link where someone had already reported on the same thing with a few more photos. The post also includes the bit about the Dandelion !!!
We are so fortunate to have all of this right on our door step!!!

Some photos of Linda in her younger day ;-)

I just wanted to add a few additional picks of Linda from her younger days!

In this photo you see Linda – in the push buggy and Fiona her big sister at the helm! Just look that cheeky face!!!! Always full of cheeky fun is Linda !!!!

This might have been the first time that he get her self behind the wheel of a car! Thankfully, this one was on a track so no chance swinging from side to side what ever you did with the wheel!!!! Just as well as she is clearly distracted with something??? Not paying attention to the road 😉

Again clearly excited about something – I cannot recall what now 😉 Perhaps someone scored a goal???

A more pensive moment???? I remember that pretty red and white dress – it suited her very well! Linda is always a deep thinker – seems like she has something on her mind here!

And more recently another pensive look – or perhaps just a bit tired after a day at one of the theme parks in Florida 😉

But here she is laughter abounds and giggles too 😉 I think we just did a big ride together 😉 Happy days!!!!

Happy Birthday to Linda ;-)

It’s Linda’s ( my daughter ) birthday today – last week on my own birthday she drove all the way home from Glasgow to be at home for my birthday – that was a great surprise and very much appreciated. Today its her birthday – and unfortunately we cannot be together so I have made a short video message for her so that she will hopefully not feel too lonely today.

So lots of luv and hugs and happy birthday Linda xxxxxx

I thought it would be a good idea to add a few photos below 😉

Linda and Mary on holiday at Crovie – Abbie in foreground 😉

Linda and Abbie at home in Glasgow – a very young Abbie – yes Linda is quite young too 😉

Linda resting after having been walked by the dog 😉

Some more photos blogged – Click here