First real day camping with the caravan

So we have had a great day. Needed some bits and pieces for the caravan – were able to get those in Inverness and also visit my uncle so mission accomplished 😉
Back to the campsite and we now have erected the awning – of course this was the first time we did this so no doubt we provided some entertainment for some other campers!!! Well we have had so much fun in the past watching other people erecting their tests and such for the first time – so I guess we gave some joy back there!!!! Mike you would have enjoyed seeing this!!

The awning is a perfect fit so clearly meant for our caravan…

This is very enjoyable and we could certainly get used to this mode of camping.
So now sitting in the caravan – dinner in the oven ( thank you Mary) and I am just updating the blog – great having WiFi on the site! Would never have envisioned the when we started camping some 30 years ago!! Evidence follows

Camping in the Highlands

So this is the first morning of our camping trip – it is 10.30am and we have had a very comfortable night and now up and about. Planning to make some use of the day to enjoy some sight seeing and also to do some “care and maintenance” to our new caravan. It is in very good condition but we will be looking to ensure that there are no bits that need to be replaced etc. I have already spotted a couple – gas pipe and a vent cover. So we will enjoy this I am sure.

Well its time for breakfast now… More later!

PS – Opppsss just discovered that the cup for measuring porridge quantities has been left at home so it will be cereal today 😉 No worries though – it is so nice to be here with Mary and joying her company 😉

New addition

Today we took a big step regarding our love of camping 😉 We have enjoyed our trailer tent and have had our annual summer holiday in Keswick under canvas for the last 20 years or so! But after a particularly wet holiday this summer we decided to start looking around for a caravan. As fate would have it someone locally in our village was selling one which was in pretty good condition. We passed it with its “For Sale” sign a number of times and then eventually decided to approach the owner explore the conditions of sale!

We did not commit on the first visit be returned again on Wednesday and shook hands on the deal! So we now own a caravan complete with all the accessories that we could conceivably need! We will continue to look around for an awning but there is no real urgency for that since we will not use the caravan proper till next summer!

Mary is very pleased with the acquisition and is looking forward to getting up in the mornings when camping and not having to make the now customary walk to the campsite toilet for relief. The caravan has a built in toilet – what luxury !;-)

And you can have a look inside!