I’m in the mood for Christmas

I was helping out at the local school Christmas Fair at the weekend. This is an annual event which is always busy and features a number of regular things like a cake and candy stall, a raffle, a bottle stall, a nearly new toy sale and of course Santa’s Grotto! Of course Santa was also in attendance so it was a really happy time and is so well attended.

The staff and children from the school are always in attendance to provide great support for all the activities! See below some of them in action 😉

I was there to help my wife Mary as she made fresh pancakes which were sold whilst still steaming hot ready to take away – I suspect that many of them never made it home being eaten on the way! I still have an aching arm from mixing close to 11 bags of flour during the course of the morning.

Here is a picture of Mary with her class teacher and boss Lydia. They work hard together throughout the year and then here they are both on a Saturday morning in December giving their time for the school again. Of course all of the proceeds of this event benefit the school’s pupils allowing them to participate of a range of extra curricular activities throughout the rest of the year, so it is a really worth while cause.

Here is a picture of Santa’s Grotto just before Santa arrived – I had to steel a peek to get this photo.

And of course not to forget the reindeer – here is one that just happened to wander past as I had my camera in hand 😉

A happy time indeed – now I just need to wait for Christmas morning when hopefully Santa and his Reindeer will come to visit again 😉