Family Holiday July 2008

It’s has been some time since I made a post here. This is due to the fact that I have been on leave and spent some time camping the English Lake District at Keswick. This has been a annual jaunt for us now for some years and gives us a good chance to “recharge the batteries” as they say!

Having started a new job in January this year I was personally ready for the break and enjoyed it very much. One interesting development at the campsite was the introduction of wireless internet access which was a little tempting I have to say! I had my laptop with me and was tempted a couple of time to “get online” but I resisted. I guess on a rainy day in Keswick it would be useful to spend some time online – but happily no need for this in summer 2008. I have chosen one photo to post here

We are able to attend some of the meeting of the Keswick Convention which takes place during our stay there. This is a Christian event which has been taking place for some 130 years and started of in a Marque tent pitched in the garden of local church. The event now takes place at the Keswick Convention Centre where there is a big tent which can house over 2.5 thousand people in once sitting. When we originally went along the convention was staged over a two week period but this was extended a few years ago to three weeks. This years event saw record attendances with all three weeks fully subscribed. The programme includes events for all ages so it is ideal for a families to attend. You can find out more about this event at the convention web site which is located here. There is also a WikiPedia post about it here!

and you can view some more by clicking here.