Dubai – Walk on the beach

Tonight, I fly out to my next destination – at 1.ooam!!! We decided to relax and take a walk in the “cool” of the evening!!! The view of the Gulf made it well worthwhile, see below.

When we arrived at our destination about 30min later – walking on the sand is harder then I recalled 😉 We did stick to the we part but it was still hard work – but very enjoyable. I think the temp would have been around 28 degrees!!!!

Here is me at our destination – looking rather damp!!!! Very enjoyable though!!!! I really do need to get a bit fitter!!!


After an overnight flight from the UK I am in Dubai for meeting over the next two days. My flight from Aberdeen to Manchester was delays and I had a short connection time which was a bit worrying for a time. However, the terminal transfer bus took me directly to the departure gate even though I did not have a boarding pass. So I did not even need to queue to enter the boarding area!! A bonus for sure.

This is my first trip to Dubai – it is impressive with all the new building that is taking place. and of course the Burj Tower which dominates the spyscape. I hope to get a photo of the tower later on! Here is the link to the official Burj Tower web site

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Photos below of my room and the view from my window.

Mystery Tour June 2008

Today was the day when we went on, what has now become an annual tradition!, a mystery tour. This time we headed south ( last year we went to the north of Aberdeenshire). We had a great day and I have published some photos including the one below. The one below shows three flowers standing in front of Falkland Palace, which was our final destination. A really enjoyable and relaxing day was had by all, complemented by good food, good scenery and most of all the good company of our friends who you will see in the pictures.

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My good friend Alan allowed me to publish the following two photos which between them show all people who participated in out day out – a motely grew indeed! The photos were taken one by Alan and the other by Lynda his wife – is should be possible to workout who they are by comparing the two photos. A very happy bunch indeed 😉


My son (Philip) is on holiday form his university course and he has decided to do some DIY ( Do It Yourself) in his bedroom which involves breaking down some walls and building new ones!! Here he is at the stage of applying plaster to the newly built wall! I think that there is more plaster on his trousers than there is on the wall 😉