Fierce animal spotted in Kemnay area.

Read with caution!!!!

Just the other day a strange animal was spotted in Kemnay!

Thought to be formally known as the friendly dog “Hollie”, the animal had mysteriously been transformed into a fierce growling animal with vicious teeth.

It was last seen prowling in a garden in the Kembill Park area! An advisory has been issued by the authorities instructing humans who might see the beast not to approach it or try to restrain it.

This has raised concerns that other members of the canine family might also be affected! If this was to be the case it is possible that Kemnay could become a venue for mass gatherings of the animals.

Last time this mutation took place, the beasts known to march in close formation with two at the front playing snare drum and bag pipes. The latter is particularly worrying as it seems some of the beasts actually developed the ability to walk upright and their front paws have developed fingers!!!!!!

So stay well away if you see any of the above.

The following picture was captured using a long range zoom lense – the beast was unaware that the photo was taken – the photographer is unlikely to have survived had it been taken as close range…..


It seems that there is an antidote to this mutation!!!!

If a human can get close enough without alerting the beast and then gently stroke or tickle the animals belly.

The beast will instantly role onto its back with its paws in the air and all the newly developed mutations will disappear. This treatment needs to be carried for a period of at least 10 minutes to ensure that the mutation do not recur!!!!