It’s an ‘ill pairted’ world!

The above expression is much used in the North East of Scotland when people who are not rich are referring to people who are. I was interested to learn today that Bill Gates is once again confirmed as the richest man in the world.

Here is a quote from the article I read

“Microsoft’s Bill Gates remains the wealthiest man on Earth, nabbing the top spot for the 13th straight year with $56-billion. His friend, fellow philanthropist and famous investor Warren Buffett grabbed second place with $52-billion. “

This is pretty impressive – to think that he has maintained this status for 13 years. For me it hard to imagine what this amount of money is worth in real terms. One thing is sure, for Bill he probibly does not need to as the question “can I afford” when making any purchase. If course is it us who have elevated him to this status! As we purchase Microsoft products we seek to propagate his empire and personal fortune. With Windows being the dominant operating system and there being no good reason to assume that this is likely to change! I would expect that Bill will continue to enjoy his good fortune.

I really cannot imagine this changing very much and his OS is features on most PCs in the world today. I have to confess that as a Macintosh user of choice, but I really could not do my job with out a working knowledge of Windows too…. I do of course use Microsoft office applications on a daily basis!

So I suppose I am there with the rest of you as we continue to bolster Bill personal good fortune 😉