Wet Wet Wet……..

It has been raining here in Kemnay for the last 24 hours at least! Lots of problems on the roads in this areas and the river Don is also very full! The following photos are taken from more or less the same point and show the river as it was a couple of weeks ago and today. The contrast is considerable – on the one hand very slow moving and safe and now very fast moving and quite dangerous.

A few Weeks ago
What you cannot see in the photo below is the speed at which the water is flowing. But you can see that if Abbie was there today she would have been under the water level. The river today is also running very brown as opposed to the very clear water that was flowing before 😉

This brings back many memories of excitement when I would have been making preparations to get into my kayak and run the river. But that was at a time when we took to the water regularly and needed the added power to of spate conditions to provide a challenge. Hard to believe that this would have been some 20+ years ago!!!!! How time passes!

09 Summer Holiday over

So summer holiday 2009 is over and I am now back at work and at home in Kemnay! This morning its a email catchup day with a 6am start! I have had a good day so far with a breakfast breal at 8am when I took the dog for a walk. Look at this beautiful scene above! Taken during my morning walk and not a rain cloud in sight!!! Typical British weather after all the rain we say during the last two weeks 😉