Keswick – very sunny day ;-)

This was our first full Saturday in Keswick. I think that we were all hoping for some good warm weather. Today was to be the day!!!! Although we had a fairly wet start to the day it soon started to clear up and the sun overtook as the most influential weather effect. Our first visitors of the day were the family of swans that have been seen around the site each day since we arrived. As you can see the photo below they always stay together with the dad out in front and mum tagging along with the young close behind!

Then it was off to Windermere and Kendal for a day trip! We arrived in Windermere to discover that the annual air show was on the the town was mobbed with visitors. Getting a place to park was near to impossible so we decide to carry on to Kendal to re-visit Windermere on the way back to Keswick. As you can see below we caught the last fly-pass of the air show with the Vulcan Bomber which was I think might have been the star turn for the day!

This next view is looking up the lake and as you can see the conditions were next to perfect for the show with really good visibility and next to no clouds!

Richard invited me to come for a drive in his new car!!! I wish 😉 And so did he I think!!!

We took many photos and were able to do so from all sorts of angles here Richard is trying for a good shot of Mary, Fiona and two dogs – its a real problem getting the two girls to say still long enough to get a good shot!!! ( it’s the dogs I am referring to here of course!!!)

I took this photo of one of the swans because of the way it was holding up its webbed feet! But when I looked at it after wards I felt that it was overall a very good photo so wanted to share it here!

It was very hot with the sun being so bright as you can see below! We sat and watched the swans for a while in this very position!!!

The it was back to the car and a well earned drink for the girls ( the dogs again I mean). Here you can see them fighting for the last drop from the bowl they shared!

We then returned to the camp site at Keswick to enjoy the last of the sun at the tent. Once the sun has faded away we spent and hour of so playing a family game!!! These games are competitive to say the least!!!!