Fond Memories ;-)

The weekend my son and his friend wanted to paddle on the river from Kemnay down to Inverurie. So we had to get the old canoe out and make it water worthy!!!! It had been lying in the garden for some time – a few years actually so it is really past it best!!!! However we were able to make it adequate for the task! After a few lessons they set off and then a couple of hour later I picked them up at where the bridge crosses the river in Inverurie.

This brought back great memories of my canoeing and kayaking days mostly back in the Borders of Scotland. Made me feel like I want to do some of that stuff again!!!

Perhaps I need to spend some time renovating the canoe – perhaps after the garage is finished I can move the canoe in there and get it sorted out!!!!

Where did the action photo come from

Readers who know me today might wander what the significance of the photo at the left is all about. Its a relic from my days as a teacher when my extra-curricular activity was white water canoeing. This photo was taken during a Tweed Canoe Club trip to the National Sport Centre at Nottingham where there is an artificial canoe slalom course. Its now some 18 years since I did this sort of thing – however the photo does revive some fond memories of those days.