The Glow Team – Learning about Games

I don’t usually write about my work here but since its almost Christmas I thought I would make an exception and write about something that has a Christmas connection and also carries an important educational message too.

On the 14th December I visited Dundee with some colleagues to learn how computer games can be used to very good effect in the classroom. We visited the Consolarium which has been setup at the Dundee office of Learning and Teaching Scotland.

Derek Robertson who works there might have the best job in LTScotland – his aim is to discover how game technology, X-box and Playstation (to name only two) can be used in the classroom to help engage pupils with learning. In his presentation he was able to show some very convincing evidence that demonstrates that games can actually help pupils to engage with learning and show evidence of success with pupils that would normally find it very difficult to achieve very much at all!

Here is a picture of the team as they listened to Derek intently. Dereks has a very engaging presentation style so it was not difficult to maintain attention 😉

At the end of the formal presentation Derek demonstrated his very considerable guitar playing skills. Very impressive!!!!

As you can see and hear below, he then continued to demonstrate his vocal skills and shared the spotlight with Brooke one of the Glow Administrators. I expect that they might be front runners for the next edition of the X-Factor. You can listen to their performance below – Same Difference – eat you heart out! Because the camera was point at the singers the backing track has unfortunately not been picked up by the camera – this course does afford the chance for us to hear the detailed tonal qualities of the vocal performance.

See below two very satisfied customers.

There must be a good caption for this photo – if you have any suggestions do leave them in a comment to this post!

On a more serious note, if you want to find out more about the work that Derek does then have look at his blog which is located here

and here