Hot action from the Scotlands Ski Slopes

I received a link from my good friend (James West) of some really hot skiing action shot on the Scottish Ski slopes recently. As you will recall we visited the Cairngorm Ski centre last recently and saw the slopes in their very best condition. What we did not see on that occasion was the sort of breathtaking ski action that is depicted in the following YouTube video. Thanks for Lyndsey for agreeing to it being used and the James for his excellent camera work and production skills.

Valentines Weekend Take 2 – Haggis lives ;-)

When passing through the village of Aberlour we took time to look in shop windows and also gaze that the restaurant menus! Remembering the occassion when my colleague visited from the USA and joined us or a traditional evening meal of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties we just had to record this menu which seems to confirm the authentic origin of the Scottish Haggis!

Valentines Weekend February 2009

Well it’s that time of year again when we head of for relaxing weekend to some remote location. On this occasion we went to Holly Bush House which is located at Carron near Aberlour in the Speyside area of Scotland. Of course location is not everything – good company is also a critical ingredient of an enjoyable weekend – on this occasion we definitely had both!

We have had a considerable amount of snow during the 2 weeks preceding our departure and the show has been very persistent as you will see if you have look at the photos I took – click here to see the photos.

Here is one of my favourite shots taken in the village of Carron on the site of the old railway station! This was before the temperature started to rise and the thaw set in – real winter wonderland conditions 😉

We also took the cars out on the Sunday and travelled to the roof of Scotland! This is the Cairngorm Ski Centre. Click here to see some photos there on a day which seemed to be perfect for the many skiers whom we shared the summit with 😉

Snow in Kemnay

Today I arose at 6am as usual and had my shower etc….. When I looked out side there had been some snow the ground was covered but only just. Less than two hours later and we have over 4 inches of snow on the ground. I had to get the camera out to capture the moment as you will see below the scene is very beauitful. Of course not so good for those who have to drive in these conditions. Fortunately I will be able to work from my home office today 😉

The view of my home from just across the road!
View looking down the river – trees laden with snow 😉