First Morning at Castlerigg Hall Campsite

So we had a good first night and awoke to “no rain” – do not expect that to last for long having said that. First phot0 below is of the view that we have from our front caravan window.
Next photo shows the caravan with awning set-up and also the awning annex which is Phils and Abbie’s bedroom for the next few days 😉

I think its fair to say that we had a very relaxing evening yesterday!!! “Dog” seems very relaxed!!

Holiday July 2010

So this is our first day of our summer holiday and we have just setup at our first venue which is the Witches Craig Campsite located is just outside Stirling in Scotland. This is a beautiful area and we will enjoy using the time here to get some last minute sorting out done. We have still to find some places for our stuff in the Caravan. Tomorrow morning we will set off for our first main venue which is in England at Keswick in the Lake District. As you can see from this photo which was taken about 15 mins after we arrived – it did not take so much time to set up the caravan!! Certainly much less time that was needed to get our trailer tent established.

However we are relaxing here now and enjoying the fine weather – I intend to blog regularly during this trip……

Holiday Summer 2009 – Keswick

So we have arrived at our holiday destination where we plan to be for the next two weeks. Keswick in the English Lake District. Photo below shows our tent all setup – we managed to find a reasonably dry pitch as there was about 24 hours of continuous rain before we arrived… This is typical I must say of this part of the UK – but we just keep coming back 😉

On the way down we stopped overnight at Linda’s house – it was nice to catch-up when her before she also heads of on a camping holiday at St Andrews in Scotland. She will be very annoyed that I have published the photo below – shows her in a sort of “Duh” moment!!!! 😉

In any case I have decided to document this years holiday in my blog so keep tuned for updates which will hopefully be daily.

Family Holiday July 2008

It’s has been some time since I made a post here. This is due to the fact that I have been on leave and spent some time camping the English Lake District at Keswick. This has been a annual jaunt for us now for some years and gives us a good chance to “recharge the batteries” as they say!

Having started a new job in January this year I was personally ready for the break and enjoyed it very much. One interesting development at the campsite was the introduction of wireless internet access which was a little tempting I have to say! I had my laptop with me and was tempted a couple of time to “get online” but I resisted. I guess on a rainy day in Keswick it would be useful to spend some time online – but happily no need for this in summer 2008. I have chosen one photo to post here

We are able to attend some of the meeting of the Keswick Convention which takes place during our stay there. This is a Christian event which has been taking place for some 130 years and started of in a Marque tent pitched in the garden of local church. The event now takes place at the Keswick Convention Centre where there is a big tent which can house over 2.5 thousand people in once sitting. When we originally went along the convention was staged over a two week period but this was extended a few years ago to three weeks. This years event saw record attendances with all three weeks fully subscribed. The programme includes events for all ages so it is ideal for a families to attend. You can find out more about this event at the convention web site which is located here. There is also a WikiPedia post about it here!

and you can view some more by clicking here.