Garage Progress

Further progress on the garage project – second gable now almost fully clad and ready for painting. In fact, I was able to get another hour on this yesterday and the right end triangle has also been clad so just the left triangle to go 😉
It’s always good to see another phase nearing completion.

Of course with no contractor to complain to – its all down to me and any volunteer helpers that come forward. Getting the bit in the picture done was possible in one session due to my son in law Richard how came and spent the morning working with me. It makes so much difference if you have a co worker 😉 Thanks Richard!

Jings – 8 years since Fiona and Richard were married ;-)

So it’s a special day for Fiona and Richard today!!! I can’t believe its actually 8 years since they were married. They are an ace couple and a delight to spend time with – very special – it’s a real pleasure know them – but then I am biased! 😉

I was kind of busy that day so was not able to take many photos – but I have a few in my album which were taken by other people. Enjoy!

I have published the photos I have in my Facebook account click here to view – enjoy the memories……

Trains and Boats and Planes!!!!!

As is now customary we set of on a mystery tour with our good friends on June 12th. We had a great day full of surprises and even took a Taxi to an island 😉 See below…..

As you can tell by the faces in this photo a great time was had by all 😉

Here is a link to the photos!!!!


Kemnay Raft Race – May 2010

Just posted some photos of the Kemnay Raft race….. Sadly, the “Cardboard Cut Outs” did not make it to the end but they did get about half way down the course before a rock dealt a terminal blow!

Enjoy the other photos which are in my Facebook album – and of course thanks to Fiona for taking them!