After an overnight flight from the UK I am in Dubai for meeting over the next two days. My flight from Aberdeen to Manchester was delays and I had a short connection time which was a bit worrying for a time. However, the terminal transfer bus took me directly to the departure gate even though I did not have a boarding pass. So I did not even need to queue to enter the boarding area!! A bonus for sure.

This is my first trip to Dubai – it is impressive with all the new building that is taking place. and of course the Burj Tower which dominates the spyscape. I hope to get a photo of the tower later on! Here is the link to the official Burj Tower web site

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Photos below of my room and the view from my window.

Qibla ?????

On the roof of the hotel room I currently occupy is the object on the right.

The word is ‘Qibla’ a term I had not come across before. A quick search on the web reveals that Qibla is the direction to Mecca which is important for people from the Muslim faith. This can be calculated from any point on the globe and the following web page provides an interesting account about how this works.