Catbells – view from the campsite

Took this photo during the early part of today. As you can see at this point there was quite a bit of cloud cover – infact we did have some short showers up till about 11am. None of these were particularly heavy which is good news in the Lake District 😉 We headed up to the town centre to do some shopping, collected some repair materials to do some maintenance on the tent, ordered a couple of slate plaques with the number 16 on them and had lunch at “Paper Mill”. It is a sandwich shop which does really good food which you can eat at tables which are set out on the pavement! Brilliant coronation chicken sandwiches – we will be back.

Afternoon was spent reading news papers at the front door of the tent – temp was well up in the 20’s so we will have hot legs tonight I think 😉

Evening, we had a walk around the campsite and lake side with the dog. Most enjoyable day to be sure. Now having a relaxing evening working towards the nightly ritual of having toasted bread and with Milky Coffee for Mary and Horlocks for me….

Written on the Horlocks tin there are claims about how it helps you get a good nights sleep – it is caffeine free which would help I think! For me it does the trick for sure!!!