Garage update 30th March 2010

Today is the day that the builders are due to come back and lay the Garage floor! It’s a two day piece of work with the concrete mix and steel grid re-enforcement going down first and then tomorrow they will come again to lay the finishing screed. See below the garage before this work has started – and yes on the roof there is snow!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that on the 30th or March we have snow again!!!!!

Good time with American Friends

Whilst in Washington DC on business I was able to spend some time with my good friend JJ and his family. I had dinner with them – it was fantastic to meet his wife and their daughter having heard much about them from JJ.

JJ and I work closely together and spend many hours working from our respective home offices using either WebEX of just a point to point telephone link. It was great to see his home environment and to enjoy this American hospitality 😉