Back in Qatar – Doha

I am back in Qatar for a couple of days on business. The atmosphere is very dusty this time and its much warmer than last time I visited. 37 degrees when the plane landed about 7.30pm. I have captured a photo of my hotel room which is very comfortable indeedand below a photo of the desk drawer here! Note there is a copy of the Koran and also Al Kubllah – indicating the direction to Mecca for prayer. If you read this blog regularly you will recall that last time this was stuck to the roof of the hotel room.

More on Qatar

I have published some of the photos I took whilst in Qatar and you can view them by clicking here.

This very short trip probably gave a false impression of Qatar as a whole. The city of Doha was very well developed with a very westernised lifestyle. However, when you leave by air it is clear that when the city boundary is crossed – the country reverts to pure desert. Unfortunately, I was not able to venture that far from the hotel on this occasion.

Qibla ?????

On the roof of the hotel room I currently occupy is the object on the right.

The word is ‘Qibla’ a term I had not come across before. A quick search on the web reveals that Qibla is the direction to Mecca which is important for people from the Muslim faith. This can be calculated from any point on the globe and the following web page provides an interesting account about how this works.


Another city another hotel room

This weeks city is Doha – Qatar. I arrived at 7pm local time this evening to be greeted by 24 degrees temperature – very nice I must say!

However this first photo was taken in Scotland at Aberdeen airport before departure about 6am.

Hotel room in Doha,
View from the room window at 12 midnight – Sitting in room with window open – very nice 😉

Both are a bit blurry – but I thought the scene was worth capturing.

First impression is that there is lot of development going on here! A number of the buildings in the views above are under construction – spot the high cranes! I am told that my hotel ( figure of speech – the one I am staying in to be more correct) is built on reclaimed land – its right on the sea front. I will definitely try to capture some more photos tomorrow when it is daylight.