Walk by River Don – and a first!!

Well, I walk by the River Don regularly especially when we have one of the dogs staying over!
Here are some photos from yesterdays evenings walk – it was a really beautiful evening and we saw something for the first time 😉

First photo looking along the river towards the bridge – the Heron was in this area too!

then a little further along some wild flowers – beautiful colours 😉

Then a view of Bennachie and Mither Tap on the homeward stretch

But this was the “first”! See below – the path is strewn with what looks like fluff. Overhead, there is a very big Scented Poplar tree and this is how it spreads its seeds. Usually, there is wind and the fluff is carried on the wind – a bit like what happens with Dandelion seeds.

Mary “Googled” this and came up with the following link http://scatts.wordpress.com/2009/05/10/tree-fluff/ where someone had already reported on the same thing with a few more photos. The post also includes the bit about the Dandelion !!!
We are so fortunate to have all of this right on our door step!!!