First real day camping with the caravan

So we have had a great day. Needed some bits and pieces for the caravan – were able to get those in Inverness and also visit my uncle so mission accomplished 😉
Back to the campsite and we now have erected the awning – of course this was the first time we did this so no doubt we provided some entertainment for some other campers!!! Well we have had so much fun in the past watching other people erecting their tests and such for the first time – so I guess we gave some joy back there!!!! Mike you would have enjoyed seeing this!!

The awning is a perfect fit so clearly meant for our caravan…

This is very enjoyable and we could certainly get used to this mode of camping.
So now sitting in the caravan – dinner in the oven ( thank you Mary) and I am just updating the blog – great having WiFi on the site! Would never have envisioned the when we started camping some 30 years ago!! Evidence follows

Camping in the Highlands

So this is the first morning of our camping trip – it is 10.30am and we have had a very comfortable night and now up and about. Planning to make some use of the day to enjoy some sight seeing and also to do some “care and maintenance” to our new caravan. It is in very good condition but we will be looking to ensure that there are no bits that need to be replaced etc. I have already spotted a couple – gas pipe and a vent cover. So we will enjoy this I am sure.

Well its time for breakfast now… More later!

PS – Opppsss just discovered that the cup for measuring porridge quantities has been left at home so it will be cereal today 😉 No worries though – it is so nice to be here with Mary and joying her company 😉

Holiday Summer 2009 – Keswick

So we have arrived at our holiday destination where we plan to be for the next two weeks. Keswick in the English Lake District. Photo below shows our tent all setup – we managed to find a reasonably dry pitch as there was about 24 hours of continuous rain before we arrived… This is typical I must say of this part of the UK – but we just keep coming back 😉

On the way down we stopped overnight at Linda’s house – it was nice to catch-up when her before she also heads of on a camping holiday at St Andrews in Scotland. She will be very annoyed that I have published the photo below – shows her in a sort of “Duh” moment!!!! 😉

In any case I have decided to document this years holiday in my blog so keep tuned for updates which will hopefully be daily.

Camping Summer 2007

(photo above, sunset over Keswick)

Summer of 2007 and Mary and I are both ready for well earned break from work etc. We have for many years now camped using our trailer tent and have most often spent the time in Keswick – Northern Lake District. This year we had for various reasons had to delay booking a site so it was all a little ‘last minute’ in the end. However, we did make to Keswick for 6 days and nights.

This summer in the UK has been the summer of floods with many examples serious problems both in the north further south of England. Not the best general weather conditions for camping you may think. We are of course hardened campers so we generally go prepared for all sorts of weather.

We set off with no site booking but did hope that we might get on to the Camping and Caravaning site in Keswick – we were aware that rain has made conditions pretty poor under foot there!

Here is a photo I took look out to the lake form the site beach – really one of the most peaceful locations I know for camping.

In the event despite the fact that some people had cancelled there booking we were not able to get a place and headed of to Braithwaite ( 2 mile from Keswick) to the Scotgate campsite which we have used in the past too. This was probably a good thing as the drainage is much better there.

Here is our tent setup at the Braithwaite site – also a lovely setting which is surrounded by hills – this is an ideal site to use as a base if you want to do some hill walking.

We had offered to keep Abbie – Linda’s dog for a few weeks during the summer as she fulfilled various commitments so we were camping with a dog – this was a first for us – but very enjoyable none the less. She adapted very well to the camping routine and slept very well here are a couple of photos of her ! She is real star – when we went for a walk up Keswick high street we had to stop every few minutes with by passers bye saying “O she is so cute!” or “can I stroke her?” or “can I give her a cuddle?”

Here she is tucked up in her bed!

We had a very relaxing time and really enjoyed the weather – which in the end consisted of both rain and sun. Roll on next years camping extravaganza 😉

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