Ducks – What kind!!

Well it is now 10pm and we have had a very pleasant evening at the campsite. We had a very lazy time, exertions stretched to a gentle stroll along the lake front. As we sat on the bench there we watched the wild life which includes many ducks!!!! See the picture below. We think these are of the Mallard variety. Some Googling seems to confirm this but our ducks do not seem to have their features so well defined as the one we find online, so there is still some doubt!

On the way back to the tent we came across the Swan family who seem to have setup home on the site. We did see the Swan a few times last year but this year there are two swans and 4 cygnets – I expect that we will be keeping track on these chaps over the next few days – daddy swan is very protective…..

After the duck/swan watching session we retired to the tent – read the news paper etc etc….. and then finished the evening with a cup of Horlics and some toast. The sort of thing we seldom do at home but habitually do when camping….. Beautiful evening and sunset – so feeling hopeful for another nice day tomorrow.