Garage Project – Progress Update ;-)

It is now one week after the Christmas/New Year break when I was planning to make a lot of progress with the Garage project. You know what Burns said about the “Best laid schemes of mice and men” – enough said!!!!

So there has been little progress to report mainly due to the weather here and the fact that I am now back to a travel routine with work!
In any case I felt that I should share some photos to confirm the current position.

The first photo is taken from my study window and I can confirm that the snow depth on the roof which I look over is a good 7 inches deep and gets deeper with each snow fall that occurs!

You can also see that there is a considerable amount of snow accumulating on the garage rafters too!!! Infact there is snow in considerable quantities everywhere you go here in Kemnay!

This next photo taken from a different window and gives a clearer view of the garage and the garden which as you can see is a bit like Narnia!!!

The last photo also shows car park and caravan which are equally well endowed with snow 😉 You can also see the area of the car park we cleared last night – that was very hard work and we resorted to using a pick to break the hard ice which is now forming the base of the car park!!!!

You can also see there the weather here today is rather foggy!!!!

Note also the road around our estate which is single track at the moment. The only way to describe the conditions here is to say that they are treacherous! It is rather pretty I have to say!!!!

This photo I took yesterday which show our garden sun seat as you can see it would be difficult to get to it right now and the canopy of snow which hangs over it is about 8 – 9 inches deep!!!!

Valentines Weekend February 2009

Well it’s that time of year again when we head of for relaxing weekend to some remote location. On this occasion we went to Holly Bush House which is located at Carron near Aberlour in the Speyside area of Scotland. Of course location is not everything – good company is also a critical ingredient of an enjoyable weekend – on this occasion we definitely had both!

We have had a considerable amount of snow during the 2 weeks preceding our departure and the show has been very persistent as you will see if you have look at the photos I took – click here to see the photos.

Here is one of my favourite shots taken in the village of Carron on the site of the old railway station! This was before the temperature started to rise and the thaw set in – real winter wonderland conditions 😉

We also took the cars out on the Sunday and travelled to the roof of Scotland! This is the Cairngorm Ski Centre. Click here to see some photos there on a day which seemed to be perfect for the many skiers whom we shared the summit with 😉

First Winter

When I awoke this morning – I went to my desk and this is the view that greeted me.

Overnight we have there has been some snow fall – about 1 – 1.5 inches I estimate so winter has arrived and to think that just last week we were on a holiday cruse on the Adriatic where the weather was nice and warm (25 degrees). But this is typical Scottish winter weather – I expect that the snow will not lye for very long on this occasion but it is a sign of things to come as the winter months proceed.