Wi-Fi whilst camping

I thought that I would publish a photo of the Wireless Access Point which we are communicating via this week. This is the second year that whilst camping we have been able to get online via the camping site wireless network system. The price is very reasonable assuming that you purhase a block of time – I purchased two weeks worth which cost £40 which I think is good value for money. This means that we have been able to do all sorts of interesting thing during the evenings like watch the highlights of last weekends Hungarian Grand Prix F1 and of course I can update my blog. I decided to do a daily post and so far I have managed to do this!!! I must confess that I never really expect to see a broadband wireless service made available on a campsite – but then I guess this will be a profit making and therefore self sustaining service. Well done to the Camping and Caravanning Club for taking teh initiative!! It also means that one could access ones work email – but I have been very good an have not tried this – and do not intent to!!!

Regarding teh performance – its seems to work quite well appart from mid evening when I think most people using the serivice might go online.