Anstruther for the day

Today we are on our own and decided to have a run to Anstruther which is jusy a few mile along the coast from Crail. This was a very pleasant trip 😉

We started by having a walk around the harbour – the tide was out and the harbour bottom was clearly visible so there were no boats moving around as you can see in the next photo.

Also berthed in the harbour is the Reaper which is a Fifie sailing boat – the type that was used for the herring fishing from 1850 until well into the 1900’s. Below you can see the hull due to the low water level – she was beached in the mud/sand bottom to the harbour.

Then we spent some time walking around the Scottish Fisheries Museum which was really worthwhile and something not to miss if visiting Anstruther.

When we came out of the Museum the sun was shining and we were able to enjoy the harbour views again. Below you can see the Reaper again but this time she is now floating on the incoming tide.

Just before we left Anstruther I took the following photograph looking over the harbour wall towards the northern coastline – the view has been unchanged for 10’s of years! Like stepping back in time. See the view below!

A great day indeed and lastly we see the harbour complete with water this time…..