The night before the vote – final reflections…….

As I sit here and reflect through the final hours of the Scottish Independence referendum campaign I have been very interested to see how it has progressed. History is being made and the world is watching it see what the outcome will be. Watching the polls has shown a clear swing from the No to the Yes although at this point in time the No’s are just ahead – but too close to call according to commentators.

My vote has been cast, I have a postal vote – so all the last minute frenzy has had no impact on my position/decision and would not have even if I was still waiting to vote. But I have taken a very keen interest in the whole process.

I am left feeling rather sad about the place that the process has taken our country to. I sense that it is more divided today than it was two years ago. Perhaps a necessary side effect. I worry that this might leave a legacy of wounds and divisions that will take a long time to heal. This is not good way to start this new phase in our countries history in my view. It is also a poor foundation on which to build. A country divided can never be as successful as one where the population is united and driving towards the same general objectives/values. There will always be differences of opinion and that is what democracy is. We have seen democracy at work to bring us to this point. But a product of this is a country that seems to be split down the middle between the Yes and No camps.

Whatever the result tomorrow – it will be the manner in which we move beyond that point that will define Scotland. My hope is that people will see the value reconciliation and putting the past behind and move forward in a spirit of love and cooperation to make our country strong again.

I am not going to speculate about what outcome might occur because “what will be will be” I just hope that we can look back on this time and see evidence all the good qualities in our country that have been promoted on both sides of the debate. Frankly, I am not concerned about living in one of the “richest countries” in the world and I certainly do not feel that riches will guarantee a “fairer society” – these seem to be characteristics which have been much talked about in recent days.

In the end, the quality of the people who govern our country will determine our fate. The real power of the Scottish people is in their vote in subsequent elections and the choices they make. Lets hope that we are all as keen to participate in the democratic process as we are to vote in tomorrows referendum. Whether we are still part of the Union or not, tomorrow is not an end point in its self – its a junction point with a future of independence or increased devolution. Either way it is the Scottish people who will define our long term success based continued involvement in the collective process of democracy.

So going forward my prayer is for a Scotland where people are united to make this a better place for successive generations to live in without a recourse to the blame culture that seems to be so common in the politics we know (we have seen so much of that in the last few months). To often we see a cycle where the current government spends much time and effort blaming the previous for all the problems – or the Scottish parliament blaming the UK government for problems of the day.

Seems to me that whatever the outcome we need to knuckle down and make the best of what will inevitably in imperfect situation. So enough reflection for now – by this time tomorrow the count will be well underway and Scotland future will be decided……