What do Young People Expect from ICT?

I came across a report that the JISC have commissioned involving a survey of 16 – 18 year old children who aim to attend University. The report identifies that the use of technology is an intrinsic part of these peoples lives. 80% of those surveyed agreed with the statement that they “like to keep up to date with technology and use it as much as possible for study and in their free time”. Also two thirds make use of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

For me this makes interesting reading as we are rolling out Glow to all Scottish schools. Glow has the potential will bring ICT into the classroom in a way that potentially extends the learning landscape for pupils by facilitate access to content and online community services which have been specifically designed with Education in mind. I fully expect that over the next few years will start to see our young people using ICT to a far greater extent as a vehicle for learning that has been the case in previous time.

Judging my by own observation of my own family, there is no doubt that they seem to be able to adapt to and adopt ICT without too much guidance from the older generation. In fact sometimes intervention and advice from us ‘old fogies’ is not seen to be helpful as it is already available from their online community contacts who seem to have enhanced credibility 😉 Nothing new there!!

Of course the Internet, like the ‘real world’ can be a dangerous place, so I welcome the advent of Glow which has been setup to provide a safe and accountable environment where teachers and young people can interact both in the the classroom and at home. This will open up new opportunities for young people to develop skills and attitudes that will make then ready to get the best from life both in the real and virtual contexts.

You can access the JISC briefing paper and report here by clicking here

The following report commissioned by the Scottish Government also make interesting reading click here.