Pennan – famous from film Local Hero

Its weekend – no need for international travel which is really nice. Mary and I went for a car run around the Moray Firth Coast and stopped at the village of Pennan. This is a very nice location for a stop over. An old village which is placed right on the coast line not far from Crovie where we holiday’d last October. I did have the camera with me and took a few photo’s which are available for viewing via the link below

Click here to see some photos of Pennan Village.

Here is one photo which I particularly enjoy, it shows a fisherman painting the mast of his boat – this brings back many memories of my younger years when I used to spend my summer months working at the harbour at Fraserburgh where I had a job painting fishing boats! This is far removed from my current life style which is dominated with visited to international locations and much air travel. In places like this time almost seems to stand still 😉