Bathroom – Weekend progress

Good progress made over the weekend – I was able to get the vanity unit constructed, its top fitted and the toilet cistern and sink almost operational. Next stage to complete the water supplies to the sink and complete construction of the vanity unit. I expect that this will be done over an evenings work. I will also be finishing the door fitting which means fitting the door stops and also the handle and lock etc.

Bathroom Saturday morning progress

Saturday morning – early start – off to builders merchants to get some more materials and then got stuck into the vanity unit. This will conceal the toilet cistern, house the sink and also provide some needed storage space.
First picture shows the framework.

The second shows the unit with the top in place and also the toilet sitting in position – cistern is now installed and connected to the water supply – but not visible here! The toilet is not connected up as yet – need to wait for the floor to be finished before that can be done. Next step is to install the sink and route the drainage and water supply pipes accordingly – I think this will be tomorrows job!

Having a break this afternoon…. 😉

Bathroom Progress again

Well last evening saw more progress – but not much to show for it. Spend the evening getting the power supply for the shower finished and also did the last of the Pine Cladding so that I can do some varnishing. I plan to apply about three coats of Polyurethane silk finish varnish to protect the linings and that will have to start soon and in parallel with the vanity unit which is yet to start. I think that this evening will be a vanity unity focused evening 😉 Looks like we are on track for getting the bulk of the work done by the end if this weekend.

Above see the shower pump with power supply in place so it is now fully functional.

and above we see the pipe duct now fully clad appart from the small inspection hatch which is located at floor level.

Shower finished and new door in place

Another evenings work and two significant landmarks on progress with the Bathroom!!!

Firstly, the Shower is now completely finished ready for use. I still have to connect the power supply for the pump and I intend to make that the next job which will make the shower usable. The bath has been sealed to the wall with white silicon so fully waterproof. In the photo below you can also see the glass shower screen – in a fairly big job like this it is always good to reach a key stage and this is one of those.

Back to joinery work and fitting the door and that is another key stage. The house is starting to return to normal as a whole. For the last 10 days or so we have had all the material for this project stored in various other rooms It is amazing how much space the stuff occupies. Mary is spending her spare time cleaning the house more then usual – the dust produced by the bathroom project work gets every where!!

You can see some of Phils art work on the wall by the door!! A new wall seems to be a magnet for an arty person 😉

So the next job is to finish the door ( fit door catch and handle etc.) and then turn to the vanity unit which still needs to be constructed and have the toilet cistern and wash hand basin installed in it!