Continuing to monitor ADSL

I have been monitoring my home ADSL account over this weekend. The results I have been seeing are fairly good ( my service is a 2 Meg service)

See an example of the result from the test I did a few minutes ago!

I am now getting even more concerned about the performance on my daughters broadband connection! I am now beginning to wander if there is a fault on her line (but I have done checks which seem to indicate that her line is clean) – or that it is simply the affect of congestion which is causing her problem. Her service is on 50 : 1 contention ration and I expect that it just may be the case that there people in her part of the country are making very good use of their service which would lead to poorer performance for all. Strange that ADSL leads to a point where if it is being well used by the users who are contending for a particular service that everyone would receive a much poorer performance.

I noticed that my home ISP has now advertised an 8 Meg service at no additional cost. I have decided to apply for the upgrade and will be closely monitoring the situation once it has been applied.