Bennachie – a particular view

For the last few years prior to starting my new job in February 2008 I travelled almost every week to either Glasgow or Edinburgh. This took me on a particular route where I passed a particular point on the road near to Kemnay where you can see a great view of Bennachie. The view is uninterrupted and is always different in terms of colour and mood. I often regretted that I did not have my camera with me to capture the scene – but last week on my way home from a trip to Glasgow I passed the spot and almost carried on due to pressure of time – but then decided to go back and capture the scene which was well lit, featured the first snow of Winter and also the colours of Autumn. All this in one view.

I expect that there will be better photos of Bennachie but for me, I am publishing this photo as a token of those many times that I saw the same view ( or a variation on it to be more precise) and wanted to record it but could not or did not for one reason or another. So here it is, taken with my Finepix A800 – I did wish I had my other camera with me but there we go – this is better than nothing I suppose. Of course on reflection, a photo never does capture the moment completely but I think this one was worth the taking and sharing. (Click on the photo to see it full size)

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