Great progress – thanks to great team of friends

28th December – another cold day – about -5 degrees centigrade at 10am but work progressed on the garage project. I had a great team of helpers – a huge thanks are due to Allan, David, Richard, Philip – who all enthusiastically turned up and worked tirelessly to exceed my own modest target for the days work. As can be seen from the photo below we succeeded in erecting the remaining 6 truss rafters during the course of the day. The job was made much easier due to the use of a block and tackle which my brother in-law Allan ( not the same Allan from above) loaned to me for the project. It was possible using this simple piece of technology for one person to lift the truss to the vertical position from the horizontal.

In the end we worked till about 3.30pm when the sun started to fad away and the temperature dropped even further. Then it was time for a hot drink and a hot shower. What a fantastic team effort this was and I must again express my gratitude to the team who rallied around to do the job.

Having the roof trusses in place really is a huge landmark in the project and I will now need to start work on applying the roofing materials which consists of 2.4M * 1.2M * 9mm sheets and then on top of that the concrete roof tiles. I do have two last pieces which are the “ladders” which need to be fixed to the first truss – they allow the wooden part of the roof structure to pass through the block wall which is built right up to the underside of the 9mm cladding material. I will post a photo of these when I am able to get them fixed in position.

Working under floodlight!!!!

Work continues on the garage in the evening hours! Snow still around and temperatures are low…. However – every step forward is a step nearer completion 😉

Fitting the horizontal straps which will support the cladding material. It is certainly rather cold – but as long as you keep busy the low temperature is not noticable – temp last night was certainly sub zero ( centigrade )