Keswick – evening in tent when raining…..

Well what do you do when you are confined to the tent because its raining outside!!!

If you are a dog like Abbie then you probably gnaw on you bone whilst sitting on your bean bag. The weather outside seems to make little if any difference if you are a dog!

Of course if you are a dog and you get fed up with the same old bone then you probably need to find something a little more stimulating to do!
In these days of technology and ever extended access to broadband its probably worth finding a human who can operate your social networking system and then going online for a networking session!
Here you can publish something to world audience ( depending on who is listening of course) about what your day has been like!

And of course, there are some times that you might just want to nod your head and have a snooze. This is something that seems to apply to humans as well as dogs! It is quite a nice feeling when you know that you have no deadline to meet and no immediate priority and you just close your eyes and have a snooze! As for me, I seldom allow this to happen as I am a great believer in living life to the full and not wasting any precious moments!