New Project – Long spoken of Garage

For quite a few years now we have spoken about building a garage at our house. I seemed like this would never come to be – but now we have started the project. The first phase was to remove the old fence which I built when Philip was but just a baby! He slept in his pram in our garden whilst I dug the holes for the posts and installed the larch lap panels. Now its time has past and it must give way for the garage with construction starting the following day.

On this occassion Philip is lending a hand!

Picture Philip on the other side of the fence about 10 meters back poised to make a run for the fence.

Now imagine him, travelling at full speed and colliding with the fence!

The fence gives way, such is the severity of the impact!!! and Philip comes crashing to the ground along with the fence panel. So there we have two objects about the same age and the fence giving in after 20 years of faithful service 😉 No need for conventional tools like crow bars and hammers etc. Just a moderate application of brute force.

More of this later!

Old friends get together again!

Once again it’s the time of year when a bunch of old friends get together for a meal and a blether. This time Mary was unable to attend due to feeling somewhat under the weather. But it was good be there and to catch up again…. remarkable how the conversation flips between reminiscing our younger days and also other newer topic such has the joys of grandparent hood 😉

It was a delightful evening with lots of laughs and happy stories to enjoy.

Roll on next year when we hope to do it all again!!!



I just had to find one bonus photo to include here – and I think this is the one – sorry Barbara – could not resist 😉

I published all the photos taken on Facebook – see here – when you can download and comment


My good friend and colleague passed me the following link which describes the circumstances when the above famous picture was taken. It makes interesting reading – so I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it.

Click to read the article

As it happens “Encouragement” was also the theme at the EngageYouth event which took place at Kemnay church at the weekend. It was a great evening taking place during one of the worst rain storms we have seen this year. Despite this people travelled from as far away as Aberdeen and had a great time. You can listen to the main message for the evening clicking here.

It is also possible to subscribe to the EngageYouth Podcast where you will find recordings of previous speakers also available.

Here is the Podcast link – which you can use to subscribe in iTune – or click on to for immediate access via your web browser.