Bathroom Project Complete

In order to set the context for this post I want to offer a photo of the project before work started – here is it is! This view is the closest I have to the one later in this post because of the fact that the later is taken through the door which was moved as part of the project!

I took some time over the May Bank Holiday Monday to put the finishing touches to the Bathroom project. Since I have been posting information about this ongoing project I wanted to make one last post to confirm that the job is now done. Below are a couple of photos which show the finished product complete with all the female touches which transform it from a functional project into an extension of our home environment. The first photo shows the view looking into the bathroom door where you can see the new window and blind in place and of course the shelf unit complete with towels and other essential items 😉

I have also published a photo album which tracks the full project from start to finish ( when you look there, spot the lady ). One of the key features which I like about the new room is that we now have a clear glass window (the old one was frosted glass – for privacy purposes!) which means that we now have a view of the River Don and Fetternear Estate which just at the other side of the river. This view changes with the seasons so we wanted to be able to see it each time we visit this place. Of course we also need to ensure privacy when necessary so we decided to add a wooden slatted blind which you can see is now in place.

Here is a photo of the view taken through the new window.

And finally, I want to mention that this project is dedicated to “My Love” and that is of course not the lady on the shelf but Mary my wife. Since we moved into this house ( approx 20 years ago) we know that a serious renovation would be necessary! I recall the creaky floor and all the other things that we needed fixing. We have planned this project for a very long time and it is a real land mark event to have completed it. So we can now start to enjoy it on a daily basis with no thought of planning the next stage of construction!

If you want to review all the stages of the project you can see all the posts by entering the key word Bathroom into the blog search box.

See all the photos by clicking here

So onward to the next project – watch this space 😉

New Window for Bathroom

It has been a while since I wrote here about the bathroom project. I have been busy but progress has not been as visible as during the early phases of the project. However, last week on Friday the new window arrived so there was a flurry of activity on Friday evening and Saturday morning. So the photo above shows the window aperture with the old window removed and below with the new Window installed. The new window is fully reversible for easy cleaning which is a great improvement on the old system.

At this stage there is still some finishing work to be done and we now have a wooden slatted blind ordered. Notice that we have elected to have a plain glass window so that we can get the benefit of the view over the river Don and Fetternear Estate which are just across the road. I expect the complete the project this coming weekend so watch this space for the final account of the project 😉

Bathroom – Weekend progress

Good progress made over the weekend – I was able to get the vanity unit constructed, its top fitted and the toilet cistern and sink almost operational. Next stage to complete the water supplies to the sink and complete construction of the vanity unit. I expect that this will be done over an evenings work. I will also be finishing the door fitting which means fitting the door stops and also the handle and lock etc.

Bathroom Saturday morning progress

Saturday morning – early start – off to builders merchants to get some more materials and then got stuck into the vanity unit. This will conceal the toilet cistern, house the sink and also provide some needed storage space.
First picture shows the framework.

The second shows the unit with the top in place and also the toilet sitting in position – cistern is now installed and connected to the water supply – but not visible here! The toilet is not connected up as yet – need to wait for the floor to be finished before that can be done. Next step is to install the sink and route the drainage and water supply pipes accordingly – I think this will be tomorrows job!

Having a break this afternoon…. 😉