Sporting Bonus

I have just had the opportunity to see the start of Rally Russia from the comfort of my hotel window. It seems that this annual event starts here and has an international competitor base. There was a long period of speeches which were spoken in Russian and then translated into English – that was fortunate for me – otherwise I would have been clue-less! In any case the competitors all had to drive their car on the the ramp before being sent on their way at about 1 minute intervals. Lots of helium filled balloons were released as part of the starting ceremony which took place on St Isaacs Square. If you want some more information about the event click here which can be viewed in English if you don’t speak Russian either 😉

Here is a picture I took of the occasion

here is some video commentry from last years event – no translation this time though.

Where did the action photo come from

Readers who know me today might wander what the significance of the photo at the left is all about. Its a relic from my days as a teacher when my extra-curricular activity was white water canoeing. This photo was taken during a Tweed Canoe Club trip to the National Sport Centre at Nottingham where there is an artificial canoe slalom course. Its now some 18 years since I did this sort of thing – however the photo does revive some fond memories of those days.