Excellent performance – GMC

The annual Gospel Music Convention was on last weekend this is its 11th year. Mary and I were able to attend on the Saturday evening and the concert was most enjoyable.

It is often the case that there is one performance that stands out and for me this was indeed the case. My music taste is varied – I can listen to most genres from traditional choir to modern pop 😉 But on this occasion was simply blown away by one group of four singers from Sweden called Dynamic. Their music is varied and includes the following styles , pop, jazz, soul and traditional hymns.

At the end of their performance they sang a song called “For Your Glory” which I thought was simple outstandingly good so I wanted to acknowledge it here! Click this link to have a listen to the preview from the groups web site…. Apart from the excellent quality of their voices, the thing that impressed me most about the group is that they have no instruments and no backing track – pure vocals – I just had to purchase their CD…… Actually they did use a solo violin on one of their tracks but everything else what pure vocal!

You can read more about the group one their web site which is here!