Reply frae the lassies

Following is the very witty rhyme that was given by my good friend Morag Renton in reply to my “Address to the Lassies” which is the next post so you should read it first.

Reply frae the lassies

We’ll show appreciation
for the fact that you were able
tae say such lovely things
aboot the lassies roon these tables

Noo, we’re nae used tae boastin
but we quines say tae you
We’re a’ in full agreement
cos ivry word ye sais wis true!

We thank ye for yer tribute
Though you laddies can’t deny
Withoot us quines tae help ye oot,
Ye nivir wid get by!

Ye see, fitivir wid ye dae
fan asked oot tae a party?
If we didna dae yer washin
Then yer breeks wid be a’ clarty!

We hiv tae gie reminders
fan a birthday card is due
There’d nae be ony presents
If we left it up tae ypu!

It’s us that fills yer cupboards
frae the bottom tae the top
we leave ye watchin telly
as we nip aff doon the shop!

we cook yer daily denner
standin in oor pinnie
If we didna dae the cookin
Ye’d a’ be weak and skinny!

Ye wint a tea or coffee/
We’ll mak it, nivir fear
We let ye watch the fitba
and complaints ye nivir hear!

We keep yer hoose jist spotless
gettin rid o a’ the muck
wi oor cloots and feather dusters
an’ a squirt o toilet duck.

It’s us fa watches a the bairns
an keeps the faimly happy
daein hoosework, ironing claes
and changin’ ivry nappy

Aye, fot wid ye dae athoot us
Ye’d jist be at a loss
Bit the thing that maks us clever is
we let you think YOU’RE boss!!!

There are times ye come in handy though
And that, ye ken is true
wi a puckly jobs aroon the hoose
that we leave up tae you!

In spring fan a’ the floore come oot
an’ the grass begins tae grow
Weel, gairdenen disna suit us quines
so it’s up tae you tae mow.

An fan we hae a BBQ
An gaither tae hae fun
It’s you fa cooks the sasages
and sticks them in the buns

At holiday time ye come up trumps
We staun wi smilin faces
as we watch ye at the airport
cairyin a the cases1

Yer grand at drivin us aboot
although we hiv tae say
You fill the car wi petrol
Bit it’s us that his tae pay!

Of course, ye ken we’re only kiddin
Cos, although we sometimes fuss
We couldna dae withoot ye lads

Morag Renton