Daniel & Dave – Baptism

Yesterday, Mary and I attended a baptism service which was held that the FootDee mission hall at FootDee ( pronounced Fitty ). During the service there was some singing and both Daniel and Dave explained why they has decided to be baptised. This sort of thing is more normally done in a baptistry ( big tank full of water ) in a church but these guys wanted to make a very public statement by having it done in the sea at Aberdeen. They had of course made the event known to lots of people and the hall was filled to capacity with standing room only remaining. In the Photo below you can see the crowd of people who turned out to see the event after they had moved down to the beach for actual baptism ceremony.

And here is Daniel waiting to be baptised which involves being completely submerged under water and brought back to the surface by the two church elders standing either side of him. The elder to the right of the picture is Daniels dad, John Cow who is also my lifelong friend.

And here is a photo of Dave just before he was baptised. I should say this was taking place in the North Sea which is never warm by any standards 😉

The rest of the photos are available in my online photo album which you can see by clicking here

I also took some video footage with my camera which you can see here below

Witnessing this event reminded me of the day my own son Phil was baptised in a similar ceremony in the river Don at Kemnay near where we live.

Phils Baptism

Friday 1st June was a special day for my family. It was the day that my son Philip was Baptised. He decided that he wanted to be baptised but not using the normal method which is common in the Church of Scotland. Conventional service of this type are held in the church. Phils service started in the church and ended down at the River Don. Here are some pictures of the act of baptism – I will follow this post up with some further information.

Getting into the water – very cold!

Rev John Renton, Phil and me getting ready for the big moment.

Phil completely emersed

Job done.

A very happy and proud moment for all concerned.

More of this later 😉

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