First Assingment – new job

I am in Baku ( capital of Azerbijan) today starting work on my first assignment proper with my new employer. Baku is 4 hours ahead of the UK and when we arrived here last evening it was already after 10pm.

First experience was to queue for an entry visa which to about 1.5 hours in all. We were not last in the queue!!!!

After a 30 min taxi ride we arrived at the hotel and this was the welcome which greeted me.
The fruit was welcome as we signed in at about midnight and of course there was no food available as the restaurants were closed.

I took a photo from my window which shows a couple of towers one which looks like a telecommunications tower and the other which looks like a mini Blackpool Tower. Although its not clear from the photo the hotel actually looks on to the Caspian Sea which is the are to the left of the photo.

I will be working today with some local partners to plan a project which aims to provide connectivity and IT systems for school both in Baku and beyond.