Trip to Johannesburg

This weeks business trip was to Johannesburg. I took only a few photos due to having left my camera in the hotel a couple of times.

Click Here to view the few photos I took

Here is one selected photo – we had a couple of very nice meals during the week as shown in the photos below! I have to say that the meat in Africa is very nice – I travelled to Botswana and Namibia in the past and the quality of the meat was always something that I enjoyed. The meal below was on the first day there – Surf and Turf – absolutely brilliant – outstanding – yummmmm!!!!

Back in Qatar – Doha

I am back in Qatar for a couple of days on business. The atmosphere is very dusty this time and its much warmer than last time I visited. 37 degrees when the plane landed about 7.30pm. I have captured a photo of my hotel room which is very comfortable indeedand below a photo of the desk drawer here! Note there is a copy of the Koran and also Al Kubllah – indicating the direction to Mecca for prayer. If you read this blog regularly you will recall that last time this was stuck to the roof of the hotel room.

The Eiffel Tower by day and by night

I was able to get a photo of the Eiffel tower as seem from the street in front of the hotel.

Who left that crane there???? Really spoils the view from my easy angle!! I will have to see if i can get a better angle before I leave Paris.

The following photo shows the same angle at night with the Tower illuminated at night.