New Start for 2008

This week I started a new job with Cisco Systems as a Consulting Systems Architect in its Public Sector Emerging Markets division! This represents a huge change for me as I have worked in education since starting work proper. This week so far as been very different as I am working to ‘get into’ the a groove! I might write here about this new challenge as I become fully engaged with the new challenges that no doubt await me.
I have had as my mentor this week my former colleague John Connell and it has been really good having a ‘kent face’ and help me find my way around this new environment which is complex, to say the least.

Of course this new start has signaled the end of an era for me as I leave behind Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Glow project in particular. My last job was full of interest and gave me the opportunity to work with a great team of people from both LTScotland and RM. I will miss them and the work. I am convinced that the Glow project will have a significant impact on Education in the classroom in Scotland and I will certainly be keeping an eye on its development, from a distance.

Next week I will be having my first opportunity to work on a similar project in a different country which is in its very early stages – a bit like stepping back in time to about 2002 when the work started in earnest to establish the SSDN Interconnect and then eventually Glow.

Roll on the challenges 😉