Aira Force

Monday was a wet day 😉 this seems to be the general way of things for this holiday so we decided to get in the car and visit Aira Force (the photos on the NT site don’t really do it justice) which is right next to Ullswater. It is a National Trust site and is a very popular tourist attraction. In order to view the water fall it is necessary to embark on a 30 minute walk which is also quite a stiff climb! There are actually two main features the first is called Aira Force and second High Force. The climb is through a heavily wooded valley and it was both wet and muddy! See below the first view of Aira Force – because of the recent heavy rainfall the water fall looked very powerful and spectacular.


Richard and Fiona stood against the railings for this photo, at the time the spray from the water fall was very heavy although you can see that they did manage a smile!

Here we see Richard, Mary and Fiona standing on the bridge which is at the top of the waterfall – at this point we did have a well earned rest before making our way back down to the car park!

Below you can see Fiona, Richard and the two dogs – the latter by this time were both wet and very muddy!!! It’s just as well that we had a towel to dry the dogs at the end of this wet trek!

Unfortunately just after this Richard and Fiona headed of back home as their short break had come to an end. We travelled up to Rheged Discovery Centre which is a really nice visitors centre just off the M6 on the opposite side to Penrith. If you happen to pass by here do take the opportunity to stop over and check it out. There is very good food, shops and a 3D Cinema. Always a good place to stop over on a wet day! We had lunch here and then said fairwell to Richard, Fiona and the two dogs!

So no dog to walk in the morning etc…. now!!

However, this does mean that we will be able to attend the Keswick Convention evening events without any worry about leaving the dog alone 😉

Today’s destination is south of Windermere – more of that later!!!